[ Art is a demonstration whose Nature is the proof ]


A biography describing my path and life would not be really interesting. I'd rather choose to explain in the best possible way this passion devoted to photography.

Photography means much more than just press a button and see some images on a screen. This term hides a whole world. Photography does not only require to control one's equipment and to know good settings, it expects from you to feel a landscape, a person, an ambiance.

Photography imposed itself to me out of the blue and fast became an ally, a passion. As the months went by, this passion grew and I realized that it became a state of mind, a way to see life. Landscapes that I am given every day touch my heart so much. When I'm honoured to attend a beautiful landscape that Nature gives, I understand that this moment was unique, a moment that nobody else could have lived, seen or felt to this specific place and that it will never come back again.
At that moment, everything takes shape. Seeing the chance I have to photograph these so precious and rare moments leads me to want to share all of them with people that did not have the chance to be where I was. Here is all the dimension and the purpose of my passion. I hope to be able to give further the emotions I felt while shooting every single photo. Communicating the beauty of Nature; a beauty to which we are exposed every day but that sometimes we do simply not take time to admire. Communicating the inner beauty of people; joy, friendship or even their own passion. Mine is an unified whole, it livens me up. A whole so harmonical that we can not take one part and leave the other one apart.
My camera is my better half, like my best friend, I can only be complete and fine when I have it in hands.

We are all different, we all have different sensitivity and will then be touched by different things. However, if only one photo touched you, made you think or merely captivated your attention, the aim of this website will be reached.

With my friendly regards,

Delphine Jaggi